San Francisco 49ers Licensed GermKey

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Right now we're doing everything we can to keep our hands clean and to stay away from germs and bacteria. This new product, the GermKey™ No Touch Hand Tool, can help you do just that.

GermKey™ is made of Certified C260 Antimicrobial Brass (that’s 70% copper + 30% zinc.) Copper and its alloys are naturally germ-resistant.  

• It protects you from touching dirty, contaminated surfaces.
• It opens and closes door handles, turns on light switches, pushes keypad buttons on ATMs and elevators, works on touchscreens and signature pads, even carries shopping bags.
• It easily attaches to your keychain. It’s lightweight, but durable enough to stand up to everyday use.
• Designed and Distributed out of Warsaw, Indiana

A lot of similar products out there are made of plastic or stainless steel which do not have the antimicrobial properties that the brass GermKey™ does. It’s a useful tool you could give to multiple people in your family.

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